By Nóirín O’Neill, 13 March 2021

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

Health communication is the science and art of using communication to advance the health and well-being of people and populations. Each week, we offer recommendations on the best podcasts to listen to! We really love impactful healthcare communication to help us all through lockdown!

We have all developed a powerful resilience and flexibility during this pandemic that we could never learn through a course. The pandemic has taught us something very special psychologically. It has made people reconnect with what is important and breathe in nature. In this unrelenting pace of the modern world, life is happening in front of our faces.

Niall Breslin

In July 2019, Niall Breslin launched a podcast called Where Is My Mind? which focuses on mental health and wellbeing. In episode 44 out last week, Bressie speaks to clinical psychologist and author of “Time to Breathe” Dr Bill Mitchell about lockdown frustrations and the inevitable burnout the world has experienced. Whilst the podcast starts off with a bit of noisy angry music which we suggest fast forwarding through, it ends off with a relaxing mindfulness session.

Our 12 key takeaways!

  1. Shape a day that works for you – organize a block of time for you eg. yoga, a walk, connecting with the kids.
  2. Stay connected with purpose and the ability to take control of some things whilst we can’t control others.
  3. Be compassionate to yourself and others.
  4. Be kind.
  5. The way we feel is partly rooted in our physiology. This affects our mood, anxiety states and the way we feel. Look at what you are eating and your exercise.
  6. Pull back the anger and frustration and replace it with empathy and humanity.
  7. Be open to views which are not ours.
  8. Do not overschedule your children’s activities when they go back!
  9. Be careful of social media and random things that hit you hour by hour.
  10. Make positive decisions every day that help your mental health.
  11. Make better decisions to manage your psychological health.
  12. Do not take your psychological resilience for granted. Look at what affects your energy and your mood and put a structure in place around that.
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Nóirín O’Neill was shortlisted for PR Student Blogger of the Year (UK Universities) in 2020 by the PR Academy. Nóirín is currently completing an MSc in PR & Communication (Healthcare Comms) at Ulster University. Nóirín is the founder of O’Neill Healthcare Communications Consultants launched on International Women’s Day 2021. Any requests for guest blogging should be sent to oneillhealthcarecomms@gmail.com

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