Opera Kids : Die Fledermaus -The Bat Ball. A Five Star Review for Northern Ireland Opera

The Bat Ball

We recently attended the Bat Ball for 7- 11 year olds in the Baby Grand Studio of the Grand Opera House Belfast. As a parent, I was drawn to this free event for the glitz, the glamour and the opportunity of a lifetime for my young daughter to take part in a masquerade ball on a Saturday morning with real life Opera stars! My daughter was equally as excited about the chance to craft, sing, dance and make new friends!

What is Die Fledermaus?

Die Fledermaus (German: [diː ˈfleːdɐˌmaʊs]The Flittermouse or The Bat, sometimes called The Revenge of the Bat) is an operetta composed by Johann Strauss II to a German libretto by Karl Haffner [de] and Richard Genée. – Wikipedia 

Five Star Review

Northern Ireland Opera deserve a five star review for this Outreach event.  The company  tweeted about “fun, flamboyance and phenomenal singing”. They did not disappoint! For my seven year old daughter,  it was simply storytelling with music and sheer delight at meeting some like minded Opera Kids. I  highly recommend that you watch this video clip recently released by Northern Ireland Opera to get a flavour of the event! 


Further Reading – Can Opera save our Kids?


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